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MSM Crystals - The Body's Repair Kit - 8 oz.

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Our MSM is certified 99.99% pure, the other 0.01% is water. 10 years of experience with this brand has shown remarkable results for our customers.  MSM is called the miracle pain therapy for the best reason:  it works!  Dr. Stanley Jacob of the Oregon Health Sciences University has spent decades studying how MSM lessens or eliminates chronic pain among other benefits.

One teaspoon daily mixed in water or juice for maintenance; 3 teaspoons throughout the day for chronic conditions.

Joan B., Jacksonville, FL:

I want to tell you that the MSM has just worked wonders for me and I am like a new person.  I now have my husband taking it for some shoulder (possible rotator cuff) pain and have told several of my friends about it. My physician wanted me to tell him what I was doing so now I am going to order him the MSM crystals to try for some back pain he is experiencing.  I am spreading the word for you!

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