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What Our Customers Tell Us

I've been using the 30X on my 88 year old father's knee and it seems to help him quite a bit.  (It doesn't hurt that I'm a massage therapist either)  LOL.  I totally have faith in your product and I "preach" about how great it is all the time!

Nancy B., Blue Ridge, GA

I love 30-X!  A friend gave me some for pain in my arm and it worked.  I also contend with Dupuytren's Contracture which causes my fingers to draw up painfully in a claw-like manner so I used 30-X on my hand and got pain relief as well.  30-X is the only thing I have found that consistently alleviates the pain in my hand from this condition!

Eden H. - North Carolina

Audio: Dr. Lyn introduces 30-X Pain Therapy Lotion and explains how it came to be:

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Audio: Introduction and History of 30-X

Audio: Fran shares her experience with 30-X

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Audio: Fran's 30-X

We order and sell Hammond Products' 30-X Pain Therapy. It is a great product that many of us here at Monticello Drugs use and we have many repeat and referral customers. It is an effective topical analgesic that is loved by customers.

J. Ross Hays - Pharmacy Technician Monticello Drugs, Monticello GA

I just wanted to tell you about my experience with your 30-X PAIN THERAPY Lotion.

I have been a massage therapist for nineteen years, and for the last six I have been using your  30-X.  I have found that my clients get better results when I use 30-X than when I do not.  My hands and wrists are my income.  I do mostly neck work, so when I use 30-X my hands don't get sore and I can live pain free. This also goes for my shoulders and neck.  No matter what part hurts, I just slab it on, and I know it will be better.  30-X also works great for sore throats and swollen Eustachian tubes (ear aches).

So, just to let you know that your lotion will keep me massaging until I choose to retire.

Alexandra W., LMT

30-X Nail Fungus Therapy is wonderful and I love it.  It’s the best thing I’ve ever used.  It actually got rid of my nail fungus and I recommend this product for others with nail fungus!

Janine R. - Morrow, GA

I was diagnosed with RA (rheumatoid arthritis) over 3 years ago and have been relying on over the counter and even prescription pain relievers to ease my joint aches and stiffness.  Since I've tried 30-X Pain Therapy, I have been able to significantly cut down on the use of these medications. Now when my fingers become stiff, I apply the lotion and it provides an instant sensation of warmth. Within minutes, I am able to move my fingers freely again without pain

Amy S., Stone Mountain, GA

My feet have been in pain for months, I keep buying all types of shoes, thinking that shoes were not of good quality or that I would have to start wearing flats, open, or you name it, I have all kinds in my closet. The day that I was fortunate to find 30-X Pain Therapy changed this problem. The first moment I applied the lotion my pain was gone, I have been useing it for only three days and I can wear my high heels and walk more with no pain, it is incredible. I work with a computer all day and my arm and elbow were in constant pain. By rubbing in the lotion every night I no longer have pain during the day. I am so happy with the results that I want to tell everyone about this fantastic product.

Barbara M., Dunwoody, GA

I want to tell you that the MSM has just worked wonders for me and I am like a new person.  I now have my husband on it for some shoulder (possible rotator cuff) pain and have told several of my friends about it.  I do believe a couple of them have called you.  My physician wanted me to tell him what I was doing so now I am going to order him the MSM crystals to try for some back pain he is experiencing.  I am spreading the word for you.

Joan B., Jacksonville, FL

Thank you and God Bless you!  I was given some of your 30-X Pain Therapy Lotion recently.  It is so reassuring to use it and know that not only am doing the right  thing for my pain, I am also using something that is based on God's natural substances. Please keep up the good work Hammond Products. 


Zelma P., New York, NY

I suffered from arthritis and intense pain. I would try anything to make it go away. I could not walk. My knees were so swollen that they looked like footballs. My fingers were 2 times larger than my ring size. I could not hold items like a fork or spoon. I tried all kinds of things that were supposed to help but did not. Thanks to 30-X Pain Therapy the pain was gone the first five minutes and after using it twice day for two weeks I can now walk without a walker, all of the swelling is gone, and I can use my hands. This product is a God send. I can now handle my household chores and fix meals for my family. Thanks for making this product and may god bless your business

Ann K., Selma AL

MSM gives me energy and my body just seems to crave it.  I look forward to taking it every morning to start my day and then again in the evening.  And Wow what it has done for my hair.  As someone who has had challenges with my hair throughout my life, including alopecia, I especially love the way my hair has responded to taking the MSM.  My hair is fuller, has more body, and I just LOVE it!

Denise D., Griffin, GA

I am a healthcare provider in Lilburn, GA. In our office we only use natural products and one of them is the 30-X Pain Therapy product. It works great! It also works well with other natural products. 

Dr. Luke Lovick

I first tried 30-X Pain Therapy to relieve a migraine headache. I was so impressed with the instant relief that I bought a case to stock in my office for my patients. I have heard only terrific comments from patients who have used this product. My only complaint is that I can't seem to keep it on the shelf! Thanks a million for creating not only a fabulous product, but a fantastic gift of pain relief to those suffering with chronic pain. 

Dr. Elizabeth Brown

Thank you so much for rushing my order!  I just had my 2nd knee replacement and nothing works for my pain except 30-X.  Once it arrived, I bathed in it!!

Jordan B., Provo, UT

Many years ago I injured my knee in a hard fall on the ice...landing directly on the knee cap with the full force of my weight. I was young and resilient and just picked myself up and went about my business. I felt a little sore but it passed. About a week ago that old injury came back to try haunting me. I'm 66 now and I was initially somewhat alarmed when I suddenly felt pain as I tried to bend my knee. I don't like to resort to conventional medicine unless there is no other option.

I discovered your website as I was hunting online for a topical  treatment on the advice of a friend who is a rheumatologist. I was hoping to find something non-chemical and I found Painless Now.  These past few days I've used 30-X Pain Therapy liberally on the recovering knee. Then I decided to use it on both knees and elbows as well just to enjoy the soothing feel of it.
I purchased several of your lotions and they are all enjoyable to a very pleasurable and immediate comfort and the scent is clean and fresh. 

Gloria B. - Brooklyn, NY

With a lot of pain in my right hip area before my surgery, I applied your lotion daily and as much as needed.  It helped to take away the pain.  I had surgery in my right hip area to remove bad infection fluid.  After the surgery, I applied the lotion 2X daily to remove pain and promote healing.  At times I would also get a lot of knee pain but after using you lotion, the pain would go away.  I know your lotion has helped my hip heal faster.  Today, nearly 3 weeks after my surgery, the hip and leg feel great.  I know it was due to the 30-X Pain Therapy Lotion.  Thank you for a great lotion that really works!

Ron R., Wisconsin

I suffer from painful arthritis that causes severe pain in my feet, knees and hands. Over the summer the pain became so severe, I could barely walk. A friend told me about 30-X Pain Therapy that she had recently begun using with positive results. She gave me a sample of the lotion. When I got home I applied the lotion to my knee area. The next morning I woke up and there was no pain. It took me a minute to realize that I was not limping. The discomfort was significantly reduced and I could actually walk.

I immediately went out and bought myself a bottle and I now use it religiously. The Advanced Pain Therapy allows me to function more effectively in my job, which requires me to do a lot of walking and climbing of stairs. I am on my second bottle. Though I still experience pain from time to time, it’s nothing close to what I was experiencing prior to using the product. I am not one to promote products; however, I will fully endorse this product as one that works. Being highly sensitive to pharmaceuticals, I am even more pleased that the ingredients are all natural and have no side effects.

Thank you, thank you, for this life changing product!

Junee H., Atlanta, GA

Just a few words to thank you for making a fantastic product. I have been a heavy machine operator for thirty years. About five years ago my fingers started to get stiff in the joints. The swelling and pain got more intense each year. I tried everything the doctors prescribed with little positive results. Finally I was told that I would have to live with the pain and stiffness. I was facing early retirement because my fingers could no longer work the gears on the machines. The last three months I had not been able to make a fist or straighten my fingers all the way out. I would wake up every night with throbbing pain. While attending a home show with my wife. We stoped by the 30-X Pain Therapy booth and a person rubbed the product into my hand and in less than two minutes I was closing my hand with NO PAIN. I have been using it twice aday for two weeks and I can work all day and sleep all night with no pain and the swelling and stiffness gone. Many of the people I work with have tried your product with the same results. Thanks again!!

Carl S., Gainesville, FL

I highly recommend all of the 30-X Pain Therapy Products. As a professional Practitioner for the last 18 years,trying many products that offer pain relief, these products surpass, by far, ANYTHING I have ever used with my patients. The results are amazing and the constant relief from chronic pain is astounding! Over and over, the comments from my patients praise the entire Pain Therapy line of products. The purity and integrity of ingredients speaks for themselves after only one application. Many thanks to the Hammond Products company for offering a product line that truly does exceed all expectations! 

Teresa Hess, Ph.D., LMT

I am back to my real self thanks to your 30-X PAIN THERAPY. For months I could hardly walk because my knees and hands were swollen twice their size. I was told by my doctor that I would have to learn to live with the pain and drugs. A friend told me to try your product. The pain went away in less than 5 minutes. The swelling was gone shortly after. I was amazed to say the least. I am self-employed and I was having to consider retiring. I have been using the lotion for 2 weeks once a day and I feel like a new person. THANKS FOR BRINGING ME BACK TO NATURE!

Alice James

After going to a flea market I stopped by a table of a lady who was selling this product. She offered a free massage with this product. I suffer from Fibromyalgia, and after spending the day before spray painting school desks for my son’s school for 5 hours I was in some major pain in my hands and fingers to the point that I couldn't even pick anything up, touch things and even bend my fingers. She rubbed my hands with the product and within minutes my pain had subsided. A few hours later I used it again and at this time I had no pain. I normally would have suffered for a few days with the pain, but not this time. I was so impressed that I took my bottle to work and let everyone I know who had a pain somewhere and even a headache try it out, needless to say they where impressed also. I like the fact that it doesn't interfere with other meds I take. I am in fact happy that I bought my bottle and will most definitely get more when this one runs out. 

Roberta B., Marietta, OH

I saw my doctor today for my three month post knee surgery exam. I told him that if it had not been for 30-X Pain Therapy Lotion that I don't know how I would have dealt with the pain. It has saved my sanity and my days. He said keep on using that lotion!  Thank you so much.  I feel that you are a blessing to humanity

Ruth F, Fayetteville, GA

Our family (that is six of us) loves your 30-X Pain Therapy. Someone gave us a sample to try to reduce the pain my husband was experiencing from a leg injury. I can say it literally prevented surgery in our household.   We actually call it the Magic Juice. Our youngest always ask for some lotion to be put in his bath water.  He suffers from asthma and the lotion opens his breathing pathways.  As parents we have found so many things the lotion helps us with  bruises, cuts, headaches, neck pain, sinus infections…truly, we would live without your lotion.  Thank you for putting such a high quality product out here for us.

Bertha M.

I had a throbbing sinus headache this A.M., after one application of your headache relief product the headache was completely gone. I also use your 30-X Pain Therapy for my back pain. I am quite impressed with the results.

Dorothy P., Atlanta, GA

My mother has been in bad pain for over five years. Her stomach is in bad shape because of all the medications she has taken over the years. She can no longer take pain relievers by mouth. Bless you for making this 30-X Pain Therapy. It is the only thing that gives her real pain relief. She now sleeps all night long and wakes up refreshed. Again thank you for the fast service when we order. We always get it the next day. We hope you many years of success. 

Connie S., Decatur, GA

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